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Combat Explained

Post by Meg » Thu Aug 30, 2018 1:03 pm

  • How do the sails work?
    There are two sail buttons on the right side of the screen, each button representing one of your ship’s two sails. Tapping a button makes the correspondent sail open or close. Having one sail open allows you to sail at half your ship’s maximum speed, so opening both makes your ship sail the fastest it can! The sails also influence your ship’s rotation speed.

    Your sail can be upgraded at the blacksmith in your Cove. Equip them at the shipyard.

  • How do I steer my Ship?
    The steering wheel with the skull at its center is in the lower left corner of the screen. You can tap on the wheel and drag it either clock- or counterclockwise to make your ship turn. The more you rotate the wheel, the faster your ship rotates.

    You can also choose to use arrows instead of a wheel to rotate your ship. Change this by going to Settings (top left corner of the screen), then going to the ‘Controls’ tab.

    Use your steering skills to aim your cannons at enemies and avoid other dangers!

  • How do I aim and shoot at enemies?
    To aim your cannons, you can either drag the camera by sliding your finger across the screen, or use the camera buttons. The highlighted area will show you in which direction your cannons are aimed. Your line of fire turns red when an enemy enters it. This is the best moment to hit the fire button.

  • What are the blue arrow buttons above the Steering wheel?
    These are quick camera buttons. Even though you can drag your camera around by sliding your finger across the screen, these will allow you to change it to a specific view in a jiffy. This is especially convenient to aim your cannons during battle.

  • What does Mortar Shot do?
    The Mortar Shot Ammo is the only type of Ammo that can be used at a distance and without the enemy being in the line of fire. It is aimed by tapping an area on the water. This will result in either a green or a red marker. A green marker means the mortar can be fired. A red marker means it is out of range (either too close or too far away). You should place the marker preferably directly underneath an enemy ship. Explosive shells are dropped on the area of the marker when tapping the fire button, damaging any enemy ships in its range. This is most convenient if your enemies are out of range for your cannons or your ship is at an unfortunate angle.

    Mortar shots can be upgraded at the blacksmith in your Cove.

  • What do Flaming Shots do?
    Considering we are playing Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates, boats are made of wood. Something like the flaming shot ammo will do massive amounts of damage. Flaming shot ammo is seen as a normal type of ammo, since it can be fired from the cannons on your ship.

    Flaming shots can be upgraded at the blacksmith in your Cove.

  • What does Chain Shot do?
    The chain shot ammo is, like all other ammo except for mortar, shot from the cannons on your ship. These cause damage to the sails of the enemy’s ships, making it harder for them to catch the wind and thus lose speed. The condition of the enemy’s sails are portrayed by the yellow bar displayed above them. When this bar is depleted, the ship will come to a standstill and become an easy target for you.

    Chain shots can be upgraded at the blacksmith in your Cove.

  • How do I change ammunition?
    The firing button in the bottom right corner of the screen is surrounded by four ammo Icons during battles. To change the currently used ammo, tap its corresponding icon. The active ammo can be recognized by a red outline. However, you won’t be able to equip a type of ammo you do not own any of. The blacksmith in your Cove upgrades ammo and new ammo can be found in chests.

  • What is the red bar above the enemy?
    The red bar above the enemy indicates their current health. You can deal damage to the enemy by firing your cannons at them. The enemy is defeated when their health is depleted.

  • What is the yellow bar above the enemy?
    The yellow bar above the enemy indicates the condition of the enemy’s sails. You can damage the enemy’s sails by shooting chain shots at them. This will result in a decrease of their sailing speed. If their sail bar is completely empty, they will come to a standstill.

  • What is the blue bar below in the screen?
    The blue bar at the bottom of the screen during battles represents your own ship’s health. You take damage by enemy fire. After battle, you can either regain health by spending gems while still at sea, or gold at your Cove.

  • What is the golden bar above the health bar?
    This bar represents the amount of crew members you currently have on your ship. They decrease in number when you’re attacked by the enemy.

  • What do Crew members do?
    You can hire crew at your Cove’s tavern, they’re random pirates who are dying to gain some experience on a ship like yours. A crew’s job is to reload your cannons, so the more crew members you hire, the shorter your cannon’s reload time.

    The amount of crew members you can hire, depends on the ship you’re sailing and the currently employed first mate. Every ship has a minimum amount of crew to optimize their abilities. This means that not hiring any crew will result in a penalty to your cannon’s reload time.

  • What happens to my crew when I’m attacked?
    Unfortunately, crew members can be sent to Davy Jones’ locker when you are attacked, since they are on the front line. Your crew total will decrease, and with that, your reload speed.

  • What happens when I succeed a mission/battle?
    In any normal world map battle, you get to keep the loot that the fallen ships have dropped. For winning the battle, you are rewarded gold and experience points. These can be highered by watching an advertisement. Some missions or battles also reward an additional treasure chest.

  • How do I collect the loot an enemy drops?
    At the end of a successful battle, a popup will appear in which you can either ‘TAKE ALL’ loot or specifically transfer certain types of resources from that loot to your ship’s cargo.

  • What happens when I fail a mission/battle?
    If you run out of health or abandon the battle, you will be send back to the Cove. If you were defeated by an enemy, you can choose if you want to keep your cargo by watching an advertisement.

  • What do I do after combat?
    The first thing you can do after a successful battle is collect the loot the fallen ships have left behind. Most of the time, you will want to tap the ‘TAKE ALL’ button in order to transfer all loot to your ship at once. However, your ship’s cargo can get full. In this case, you can select individual resources and shuffle them around to your liking by tapping them and choosing how many to transfer to either your cargo or the enemy ship. When you’re done, tap the red ‘X’ button on the upper left corner of the panel to continue. Any resources you leave on the enemy ship will be lost.

    Some ships will drop a chest. You can either ‘claim’ this chest (placing it in one of your chest slots, provided not all of them are already occupied) or open it immediately by watching advertisements or paying gems. After you’ve placed a chest in your chest slots, you can also open it by starting a timer. Please note that bought chests are different from looted chests, and can be opened instantly.

    After this comes the reward screen. This screen summarizes your reward in gold and experience points for that specific mission. You can either claim it the way it is, or watch an advertisement to higher all values.

    When the bar at the bottom of the screen, the experience points bar, is completely filled, you will gain a level.