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Pirate's Cove

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  • What is the Pirate’s Cove?
    The Cove is your own settlement, where you can find anything you need to advance through the game. Here you can find your shipyard, headquarters, a gem mine, your warehouse, a blacksmith, an atelier, a tavern and a market.

    After buying the goods you needed and readied your ship, you can set sail into the open world of Age of Pirates by tapping the ‘SET SAIL’ button. If needed, you can even come back to repair your ship after battle by spending some gold.

  • What is the Free Gold button and what does it do?
    The free gold button allows you to earn additional gold through other means than buying them with gems, completing quests and engaging in in-game resource trading. You can, for instance, watch an advertisement and follow us on social media.

  • What is the Daily Spin button and what does it do?
    The daily spin button allows you to spin a wheel for extra gold or gems every 24 hours. It’s also possible to watch an advertisement for another free spin.

  • What is the Atelier and what can you do there?
    The atelier is your go-to place for sail and flag designs. After purchase, these can be used to customize your ship in the shipyard.

    Upgrading the atelier will unlock more options for sail and flag designs.

  • What can I do at the Blacksmith?
    The Blacksmith offers upgrades of everything your ship needs.

    You can find cannons, sails and hulls to upgrade your ship itself in the Shipyard. The items it offers, shuffle every 3 hours, or you can speed this up this by either paying gems or watching an advertisement. The Blacksmith is also the place to upgrade your ammo to be used during battles. The types of ammo currently in the game are chain shots, flaming shots and mortar.

    Upgrading the blacksmith will allow you to buy higher tiers of available items and unlock new items.

  • What are Upgrades?
    Upgrades is a collective name for every part of your ship that can be upgraded, namely cannons, sails and hulls. These can be purchased at the blacksmith or won through treasure - or upgrade chests.

  • What can I do in the Shipyard?
    The shipyard is your place to be for everything concerning your current ship. Here, you can view your ship’s statistics (damage, (max) health and speed), upgrade and customize it, or buy an entirely new one! Your previously bought ships will be waiting for you at your shipyard. You may find a particular one more useful for certain quests…
    Any upgrades used on previous ships can just be reused on a newly purchased ship.

    Upgrading your shipyard unlocks more ships available for purchase.

  • What can I do at Headquarters?
    The headquarters can be visited to accept challenges and quests and to view your game statistics (stats).

    Challenges are missions that only concern yourself. The ultimate challenge is to become the Pirate King. This can be done by taking the actions you would to advance through the game. This includes buying ships, opening chests and collecting resources. These challenges are set from the start.

    Daily challenges shuffle every 24 hours and consist of actions you usually go a bit out of your way for, like spending a certain amount of money on upgrades or item types.

    Daily quests are missions that also concern other factions, like delivering goods for them or defeating ships of factions they are at war with.These quests refresh every 24 hours.

    The active quests tab shows you the quests that you currently have in progress. You may have six active quests at a time.

    Upgrading your headquarters will increase the amount of available quests to choose from.

  • Where can I see my game statistics?
    The game stats tab is located in the headquarters. It shows you the following statistics:
    • Game Time
    • Ships Destroyed
    • Battles Won and Lost
    • Total Weapons Fired
    • Every ammo type separately fired
    • Number of quests Completed.

  • What can I do at the market and which resources are there in the game?
    At the market, you can buy resources that you’re short on and exchange excess resources for gold. It is possible to send your purchased resources directly to your ship.

    Like any other building, the market can be upgraded, which adds more types to the resources available for purchase.
    • Tier 1: Wood, Stone, Cloth and Rope.
    • Tier 2: Iron, Tar, Coffee and Gunpowder.
    • Tier 3: Brick, Rum, Tobacco and Salted Meat.
    • Tier 4: Tin, Fruit, Glass and Sugar.
    • Tier 5: Steel, Jewels, Wine and Silk.
    The market will buy any resources you own at all times, independent of its current tier.

    Upgrading the Market gives you access to trading higher quality resources.

  • What can I do at the Warehouse?
    The Warehouse is where you store resources you have gained in the game. You can access this building at your Cove, but also from the world map. This is very useful when your ship’s cargo is full, but you want to continue sailing.

    Upgrading the Warehouse increases the amount of resources that can be stored in each slot.

  • What can I do in the Tavern?
    It’s the Age of Pirates, and where do you find most pirates in their free time? Right, in the tavern with a glass of rum in their hands! The tavern is the place where you find fellow pirates, who are willing to join you on your journeys. You can hire first mates and crew here.

    Upgrading the tavern will attract better first mates to hire.

  • What are First Mates?
    First mates are seasoned pirates: they have spent the greater part of their lives conquering the oceans and are willing to share their experience with you. First mates can help out in different ways, including, but not limited to, increasing the amount of crew members you can manage, the amount of cargo your ship can carry and how fast your ship can sail.

    Which abilities are increased by how much, depends on the Mate you hire, since they all have their own specialties. The more experience your first mate has, the more they increase your ship’s abilities.

  • What does Crew do?
    The tavern is also the place where you can hire crew, random pirates who are dying to gain some experience on a ship like yours. Having more crew members, will higher the rewards you gain when you set sail.

    The amount of crew members you can hire, depends on the ship you’re sailing and the currently employed first mate. Every ship has a minimum amount of crew to optimize their abilities. This means that not hiring any crew will result in a penalty to your cannon’s reload time.

  • How do I access a building?
    You can access a building by tapping its correspondent icon. Their names are also displayed above these icons.

  • How do I upgrade a building?
    Every building’s panel has a header and a button that says ‘upgrade’ in the top right corner of the panel. The header will tell you which tier your building is currently at. The upgrade menu will tell you what amount of which resources you need in order to advance your building to the next tier. Tap each icon to see whether you have sufficient amounts of this resource, drag the slider to set the amount of that resource you want to deliver, then tap ‘deliver’. Once you’ve delivered all resources needed, click the ‘upgrade’ button. A timer will tell you how long it’ll take for the building to upgrade.