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World Map

Post by Meg » Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:01 pm

  • How do I move my Ship?
    You can move your ship by tapping anywhere on the world map. Your ship will automatically calculate the best route to that destination.

    The world map has multiple elements you can select as destinations: settlements, other ships, quest locations, treasure beacons and of course just a random place on the ocean.

  • What do the Ships with a large yellow circle around them do?
    Ships that have a large orange marker are part of a faction you have a war affinity with. If you sail into this marker on the world map, the other ship will chase you to challenge you to a battle. You can either accept this battle, bribe them for gems or withdraw by watching an advertisement.

  • What do the yellow exclamation marks on Ships or Settlements mean?
    The yellow exclamation marks indicate that element is part of one of your active quests. For instance, when it’s on a settlement, it means you have completed a quest and can claim your reward there. When it’s on a ship’s faction flag or cargo icon, it means that you have accepted a battle quest involving that faction or to collect a type of resource that ship is carrying.

  • What do the arrow or stripe icons next to Settlement names mean?
    These icons indicate your affinity state with the faction that settlement belongs to. Red, down pointing arrows mean your affinity with that faction is negative. A horizontal, blue stripe means your affinity with them is neutral. Green, upwards pointing arrows mean your affinity with them is positive. The affinity state influences what you can or cannot do at Settlements of a faction.

  • What do the stars on the Settlements mean?
    One, two and three stars respectively represent small, medium and large settlements. Governor quests are only available at small and medium settlements.

  • What do the different flags on the Settlements and Ships mean?
    The flags on the settlements and ships represent the faction they belong to. Currently, the seas are occupied by the British, Dutch, French, Portugese, Spanish and the Pirates. You can choose your own flag design as well, at the atelier in your Cove.

  • What is the icon with an anchor on the map?
    This is your own settlement, called the Cove. You can enter it by tapping it and then click the ‘Go to Cove’ button. At your Cove, you can do everything you need to help on your journeys, like buy a new ship, upgrade its components and hiring crew.

  • How do I access the settings menu?
    In the top left corner of the screen, next to your current level, is an arrow icon pointing down. Tapping that will extend the statistics header. In the upper left corner of the header is a gear icon. Tap that to access the settings menu.

  • How do I check statistics like Affinity, Cargo, First mates and Power ups?
    In the top left corner of the screen, next to your current level, is an arrow icon pointing down. Tapping that will extend the statistics header. This header contains information about your Affinity levels with all other factions, displays your current First Mate, power ups and ship cargo, and grants access to the Settings and Achievement menus.

  • What do the buttons on a chain at the right of the screen do?
    At Artik, we like to spoil our players with offers! That’s why the top button is linked to a timed offer at almost all times.

    The button beneath that opens the daily spin screen. Here you can spin the wheel for extra gold or gems at least once a day!

    In your Cove, the chain is extended with one more button: the free gold button. This one opens a menu with the option to visit to our social media pages. Liking and/or following us on these will reward you free gold!

  • What do the squared buttons on a chain to the left of the screen do?
    The top button opens your treasure map. Pieces of this treasure map are collected by completing side quests. Each piece of the treasure map represents an actual part of the world map, and marks the location of a treasure to be found. Roam the world map to find these mysterious artifacts!

    Tapping the middle button will open your quest log. The quest log has two tabs:

    - The quests tab harbors an overview of your currently active main quests, governor quests, contract quests and side quests.
    • The main quests are the ones that advance you through the main story and reward you treasure maps.
    • Governor quests are the special quests you do for allied factions.
    • Contract quests are accepted at other settlements’ taverns and consist of battle and delivery quests.
    • The side quests are significant quests which aren’t tied to the Blackbeard story, but will reward you with treasure maps, which you need to uncover mysterious artifacts.
    - The second tab shows notifications, i.e. when a legendary ship has appeared on the world map or the game has received updates. Keep an eye on this one to not miss any special opportunities! A yellow exclamation mark will appear on this icon when a new notification pops up or one of your quests has been updated.

    The last button on this chain opens your challenges menu, so you can quickly recall what challenges you still have to do. The challenges menu has two tabs.

    The challenges tab displays the missions that only concern yourself. The ultimate challenge is to become the Pirate King. This can be done by taking the actions you would to advance through the game. This includes buying ships, opening chests and collecting resources. These challenges are set from the start.

    The daily challenges tab contains quests that shuffle very 24 hours and consist of actions you usually go a bit out of your way for, like buying a certain amount of a specific upgrade.

  • What does the blue information button next to the Skull Bar do?
    The information button next to the skull bar in the lower right corner of the screen toggles summaries of all settlement markets’ supply and demand on the world map. These are overviews of which resources that settlement could sell to you for a low price, and which resources they’ll buy for a high price. This makes it easier to find a beneficial trade than having to visit each settlement separately.

    A more detailed explanation can be found under the heading ‘What can I do at a Settlement’s Market?’

  • What does the Skull bar in the lower right corner do?
    Making many people’s dream come true: control time! By default, all ships move in realtime, at a natural speed. However, if you want to pause time to take a break, or the other way around, speed things up because you’re in a hurry, using the different settings on the bar will do just the trick. The settings are ordered, from left to right, from slow to fast.

  • What are the three bars in the lower left corner?
    From left to right, the three bars respectively represent your ship’s remaining cargo space, hit points (health) and crew members aboard.

    When the cargo bar turns red, it is full, so it might be a good idea to return to your Cove and transfer your resources to the warehouse.