"We're gonna need a bigger boat": Info on ship upgrade cards and the Tier system please

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"We're gonna need a bigger boat": Info on ship upgrade cards and the Tier system please

Post by Drew458 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:32 pm

I am the master of Doing Things Wrong in this game. I just spent 12 million gold and 3000 gems to upgrade my ship back to the strength it was before I deliberately "stepped on a landmine" hoping that an old issue in the game had been fixed. It hadn't, and the system slaughtered my Damage, Health, and Speed. That set me back to where my ship was 100 game levels ago. Beware the Switch button in the Ship Upgrade area if you have a lower Tier component that you have significantly upgraded and you want to swap it for a higher Tier rating. Live with a big fat Tier 4 forever, because Switching to Tier 5 can maul you severely.

But opening and installing all those chests of upgrades really got thinking about the Tier system, and the value of the upgrade cards. How does it really work?

All upgrade cards are marked with their Tier. Some are also marked with an additional number, which I am going to call the "+ points".
Upgrade cards from treasure chests bought from the Traveling Merchant or from the chests at Premium Spins have no visible + point numbers when you open the chests, but those numbers show up when you install the cards at the shipyard. Upgrade cards bought from the blacksmith always have visible + point numbers.

Your team has told me that it is a feature, not a bug, that the player can cross-upgrade, and add sails or hulls to their cannons, cannons or hulls to their sails, etc. They say there is a slight discount of the cards power when you do this. I did it by accident a few times, and thought it was funny, but after analyzing the upgrade cards, I'm wondering if just adding hull cards to everything isn't the most effective approach to building a stronger ship.

Cannon upgrade cards come in a range of Tier 5 +156 down to Tier 2 +24, or less for Tier 1
Sail upgrade cards come in a range of Tier 5 +33 down to Tier 1 +1
Hull upgrade cards come in a range of Tier 5 +626 down to Tier 2 +90, or less for Tier 1

This explains why my hull strength is more than double my cannon strength, and 12 times as high as my sail strength. And I have an insanely powerful ship; the hull has always been much stronger, even though it is rated at many levels less.

But what exactly is a Tier to your algorithms? Is it some kind of multiplier that is applied to a running "+" points total of all the upgrade cards I have applied to my ship in each category? If so, what is the factor for each Tier please? How much is it reduced by cross-upgrading? Is my running total of "+" points what those little red numbers are, the ones that show up under my ship's D/H/S ratings for a split second when I do the Combine step in Ship Upgrade? Or is that my generic total strength for that component, which is then enhanced by having a better First Mate?

As much as I would like to have a Tier 5 hull, I'm stuck with Tier 4, currently at Health 73237. This is enough to defeat 6 Legendary ships in a row at level 3600 without repair and sustain only minor damage, so what good is Tier 5 really going to do for me if I could get it?

While I'm on the subject of upgrading the ship, OMG it gets so expensive to do the next level once you've reached a certain point. Pretty sure it takes me about 150 Tier 3 cards to go up one step right now, and the amount of benefit I get seems to be totally random. A general 1 level upgrade for my whole ship costs about 125 Legendary Chests or 2500 gems. OUCH.

Is there a list, a chart, maybe a graph that shows the calculated total points necessary? That would be nice, and if the Tier 5 multiplier is significantly higher than the Tier 4 one, then I REALLY REALLY want to get my hull to Tier 5. I don't care what the cost is. I have half a billion gold at this point, so I can afford whatever number your Combine comes up with. IF YOU EVER FIX THE DARN THING.
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Re: "We're gonna need a bigger boat": Info on ship upgrade cards and the Tier system please

Post by Meg » Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:38 pm

Drew458 wrote:
Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:32 pm
Hi Drew458! :D Our programmers are currently working on completely changing the tiers and formula attached to it. In all honesty, we are not allowed to make any public comments about how the formula works right now or how the new one is going to change things, but I am noting for a discussion soon with our team if it can be possible that when we have our new system, we can make charts/graphs available!

Very soon we will add new content both for single- and multiplayer and especially with the multiplayer, high upgrades will be very important! :)