Cloud issues. Please help!

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Re: Lost/missing Upgrades

Post by Death Haze Keno » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:42 am

I even sent a feedback about it and I still haven't heard anything, by email , reply to the post or in game. What is going on? It's been three days now, I figured I would've heard something from someone by now...
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Re: Cloud issues. Please help!

Post by Meg » Tue Dec 18, 2018 1:26 pm

Hello to all new users in this thread. I've seen multiple separate threads from you and to make it easier to follow for everyone, I merged them together.

Just like what is suggested to other players here, please try to follow the instructions in this thread. If they do not work for you, please send our customer support a message through the in-game contact form. That way they can look more personally into your problem and also provide a more extensive explanation and/or more personal help.

Regarding our reply time, we aim to answer all e-mails within 2 working days, which is almost always achieved. Especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we get a lot more messages than other days of the week. Most of the times the messages from Fri-Sat-Sun are all answered before the end of the next Tuesday. We try our best to reply as fast as possible, but hope for understanding especially when it comes to busy weekends. With Christmas now coming up, this also raises the amount of players and e-mails/questions/feedback we receive and we unfortunately can already tell that this will temporarily delay replies some more until things calm down around January. We aim to help as fast as possible, but we also see importance in the quality of our answers.

We hope the new people to this thread manage to resolve their save issues, and if not, please get in contact with the customer support!
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Re: Cloud issues. Please help!

Post by Enlightenseeker » Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:32 pm

I also seem to have recently lost all of my previous game data. I was in the middle of playing, when my phone suddenly died on me. After a recharge, I went back to the game icon, as usual, but this time after loading up, all accumulated game data has been lost. I've never saved the game before, and it always retrieved my data. I signed in with Google Play believing that may somehow remedy the issue, but it just started a New Game, though it put me automatically at lvl.9. Strange.
The email I used for the game is: ""
Please render assistance. I was in quite a fun position in my original game lol. Thanks
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Re: Cloud issues. Please help!

Post by Desmien » Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:58 pm

I am also having same issue even had to reset data on Google play games because some stuff was kept but upgrades on buildings, ships bought, challenges, chests and even level at times would all be reset when I logged into Google account or loaded the cloud data. Game would go over the tutorial and explanations of the different screens as if starting a new game. Had to reset the data because when I would start a new game it wasn't a new start. Some data from old carried over like gems and upgrades among other things such as some challenges being completed unable to get rewards in New game. Data wasn't even getting saved in the cloud and every time I signed in after playing for hours while logged in progress was reset. Tried waiting 2 days after deleting data on Google started a game offline. When I logged into Google problem came back in restring the new game on device and stated a new game erasing my current data except for a few things like building upgrades. Tried doing a log off log on and the buildings were reset to level 1. Even now did a new game while logged into Google, new game is working right but I no updates to cloud, game stays at level 1 with 5 gems no gold and 1 ship all progress is gone. Even logged in for hours there's no uploads to the cloud of new progress