Crime Doesn't Pay. Much.

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Crime Doesn't Pay. Much.

Post by Drew458 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:22 pm

As much fun as it is to battle other ships and steal their booty, you can make so much more being a happy merchant. I just played for a couple hours, and was able to parlay 1000 Lumber into far more than two million gold. Trading tales don't make the best stories, but I've found that instead of grabbing the first delivery quests you can find, it's worth it to sail around a little, visit all the settlements, and find the trade combinations that work. Today I traded lumber for a big bunch of meat, sold that in half a dozen places, got gold, tar, rope, bricks which were also in demand, sold them, traded them for silk and rum ... on and on. At my level of the game a typical trade pays 80,000, so it really wasn't that great an effort. But it was simple fun, and I added more to my vast fortune. Like it says in fractured English in that video ad that always comes up "Began to have only an ax, You can do whatever you want!"

I really hope the gold counter can hand a billion, because I'll have that much in a few weeks.

My advice to beginning level players who want to get rich: save your gems until you afford a ship bigger than the Man O' War class ( all the top ships have 18 full size holds ), or buy Premium Spins from the Traveling Merchant which can award you gems or two large ships. Buying regular Daily Spins from the Traveling Merchant will help you get your fortune going; once you've made your first million or so you can start playing for the big money.
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