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Version 2.6.7

Post by Aeregon » Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:51 am

Wanna be able to play the Alpha version? Click here

Please make sure you have the correct version of the game. You can check this when you load the game in the right bottom corner of your screen.

New Features:
-Artic part 3 (final)

- Changed the coefficient of cards per tier from 2.7 to 2.3 [*1][*2]
- Increase base health of the Sea Devil from 3516 to 3750 to make it stronger for ramming. This goes for players AND enemy ships. [*3]
- Increase base damage of the Serkets Crypt from 30 to 100 to make it more of an assassin ship to counter the high health ships. This goes for players AND enemy ships. [*3]
- Increase base health of the Serkets Crypt from 628 to 1000 to make it slightly more durable. This goes for players AND enemy ships. [*3]
- Adjusted the gold costs per tier to fit the changed card requirement.
- Kill Quests will now require a maximum of 50 kills.
- Kill Quest are now less common.
- Kill Quest has adjusted rewards.
- Sails now also provide Health bonus (50% effect). [*4]
- Sails speed bonus is now rounded to whole numbers (only for display).
- In the equipment upgrade menu stats are now show with text instead of icons.
- All daily challenges now give 1 common chests. Completing them all gives 1 rare chest.
- Inventory stack size is now 20 and is increase by 5 every 25 levels, up to a maximum of 50.
- Crew capacity is now 100% base stats of a ship.
- Reload time per cannon now decreases by 50% for each extra cannon over 10. (Standard: Each cannon adds 0.5s reload time) [*5]
- Trade quests now scale with 0~10% players wealth. (Bigger trades when you have more gold)
- Trade quest now won't give you as much profit if you just buy the required goods. (It still yields profit though)
- Warehouse stacksize now increases by an extra 5 per player level. [*6]

- Fixed wrong display on the stats of first mate Martin Li (Damage and Health were swapped, oops).
- Fixed bug for side quest level requirement displaying as too low.
- Fixed a bug that made Juan Goverment quest 4 unable to be accepted.
- Quest rewards adjusted (Was left out during 2.6.0 pre-alpha update).

[*1] This means the player will need a bit more cards are the early tiers, but on higher tier less. A player need a total of 15.000 upgrade value to get red tier 5 equipment. This hasn't changed, but all tiers above that how require less cards (about 40%). This however means that stats will be lower at those levels, but so will the enemy stats. The numbers might be lower, but relatively nothing has changed. Don't be afraid if you see your numbers being lower than before, as you can increase them about 40% faster from now on. The gold you spend on upgrades is also unchanged due to this. Meaning you didn't pay more or less than other players (Upgrading to red tier 5 costs 5m gold in total)
[*2] Due to this changes, it is possible that the final stat numbers on the sea devil's health and Serkets Crypt still display a lower amount. Don't worry. The Base is still increased, just the change to the coefficient of cards per tier still make it display lower number. This is not a bug, this doesn't mean those ships didn't get the buff they are suppose to get.
[*3] See [*] and [**]
[*4] Sails now have 2 stats, speed and health. Though the speed will never go higher than 40%. The health stat will however keep increasing, at 50% effectiveness. You might wonder if its worth increasing the tier of sail after reaching 40% speed? Maybe, depends on how important you think health is. Enemies will keep increasing their sail tier as they level. It's up to the player.
[*5] This means that a ship with 12 cannons would not have a cooldown of 6 seconds, but 5.5 seconds. (10x 0.5s + 2x 0.25s). The shipyard displays the reload as a rounded number.
[*6] Tier 1 Warehouse hold 250 of each item. At level 100 the Warehouse will be able to hold 750 at tier 1.
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