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Version 2.6.4

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:01 am
by admin
We are currently balancing the new version. So please leave your thoughts on our forum!

-First part of the Artic quest line has been opened! Check out the world map!
-Added a new faction in the Artic that does not affect your relation with other factions!
-Fixed a bug that made some ships uncontrollable.
-Fixed a bug that caused players to lose progress when logging in to google.
-Gold bought with gems now scales with your level.
-Fixed some translations on the UI.
-Increased the damage area of the mortar by 50%.
-Make quests involving protecting allies a lot easier.
-The colored rings around the ship's level on the missionmap now give an indication on difficulty. (green = easy, red = strong)
-A lot of small fixes and balancing.