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Version 2.6.5

Post by Aeregon » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:39 am

New features:
- The Artic part 2

- Reload time on all ships (including enemies) decreased by 50%.
- Removed the limit of 20 video ads per day for unlocking chests.
- Fixed a bug with Artic part 1 quest 5. (Enemy appeared as level 0 and was unkillable).
- Made boss fights and legendary encounters with multiple ships scale better (early levels was too hard, later was too easy before).
- Players now get a buff each time they get hit. This buff reduces the damage they receive and stacks 50 time. This buff is lost if the player didnt receive damage for 1 second. [*]
- Player can not lose more than 10% of their health per hit they receive. [**]
- Enemies stats will now scale to God tier at level 500 (was 400). [***]

[*] This is to counter the barrage ships with a lot of cannons. Meaning that enemies that catch you in a bad spot will not instantly kill you. The first hits will still deal their normal damage, but will now diminish with each it. We did this to partly counter the fact that all ships can now fire twice as much due to 50% faster reloading (doubling the damage per second output). This buff is a try-out and will likely be adjusted in the future.
[**] This is another meassure for the previous note. This might very well be adjusted in future patches. If this makes enemies too easy, we will change this. Note that this is 10% per cannonball, but per full cannon salvo.
[***] This is how the current scaling works. In patch 2.5 and before enemies had fixed stats at levels (meaning just a number that couldnt be changed). In 2.6.x and onwards enemies will have stats just like the player. Though the enemies dont collect Upgrade Materials and dont upgrade in their shipyard. Gold Tier is the Red start tier at 5 stars, basicly after you upgrade a piece of equipment 20 times. Enemies will reach this at level 500 instead of 400. Meaning enemies get stronger a tiny bit slower now.
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