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Meet The Forum Team

Post by Aeregon » Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:08 am

Q: Who am I?
A: My name is Aeregon.

Q: What is your role?
A: I am developer for Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates and I am currently working on the balancing since 2.6.x

Q: Why are you on the forums and not Meg?
A: Meg was our previous community manager. As you might have noticed, she hasnt been active for a while. I am gonna take over most of that job.

Q: So you are the acting community manager now and you are a developer. How does that work?
A: By splitting my time. Its my job to find out how to balance the game so its enjoyable for everybody and I also have to code it.

Q: I had problems with the game but nobody responded to my messages! Booooh to you!
A: You're completly right. We get a lot of messages from players. And most of them are having the same problems. I have to divide my time, but I rather use my day to try to fix the problem than to use that day to reply on all those messages. I do read all of the though!

Q: Do you even play the game yourself?
A: Yes I do. Before I started working on the game, I played the game a lot. But once you start working on a game, playing it yourself isnt as fun anymore. You also start to become blind to a lot of things. That's why I need feedback from players.
Don't judge me! I am trying my best.
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