can you solve the Lusca conspiracy?

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can you solve the Lusca conspiracy?

Post by Drew458 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:19 pm

Solve the Lusca conspiracy. That's the gist of the teaser line for the latest Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates releases you'll find online.

So trade your pirate hat for one made of tinfoil, and come up with a theory. Here's mine ...

The Lusca Cult is not an affiliated faction. Sinking their ships does not get the other factions upset with you. So in a way, it's better than the old Endless mode. Defeating the Lusca ships isn't hard, as long as you have Chain Shot. Doesn't matter how strong or weak your ship is, one Chain Shot will disable the mightiest Lusca ship. Then just shoot them with regular old free cannon balls until they blow up. You get XP, gold, and cargo booty, and those kills count towards Daily Destruction and Fire Rain. The best part is the Extra Bonus Loot - most of the Lusca ships carry at least 15 units of one of the Tier 5 cargo items - jewels, wine, silk, steel. Blast a dozen or so, collect the good stuff, and sell that at the Market. Make a nice pile of gold. Sweet.

Ok, but that's got nothing to do with any conspiracy. Let's talk about that.

From the regular ocean out by New Providence and St. Augustine you can see the portal to the Artic, and you can see ships of all the factions going in and coming out.

Go to the Artic and you'll see Lusca ships coming and going through the Open Sea portal. You will not see any of the other faction ships in the Artic. Ok, you'll see the Traveling Merchant, but that doesn't count. So what happens at the portal? My thought is that the regular faction ships get transformed. They have a glamour put on them. A spell. They become Lusca Cult and may not even know it. Does this happen to my ship too? I can't say because I can't see my ship from another ship's perspective. But is there any other faction that would just let you sail around peacefully right in their own back yard after you've sunk hundreds of their ships? No way. They have to be seeing me as one of their own. It's a spell. An influence.

This idea is strengthened by what goes on in the Artic. You'll see Lusca ships visiting the alternate Pirate Cove. You'll see Lusca ships visiting the proto-settlements of Shark Mountain and Whitebeard's Palace, who act as if Lusca is their enemy. Yet these two "settlements" have nothing to trade, nothing to buy or sell, no market, no anything. They aren't real settlements, just ... mission stations? Places to pick up some quests for some nice rewards, and then they're useless to you. For now.

And then there's that Lusca ship generator; that little cave tunnel at the top of the Artic where new Lusca ships seem to come from. I can get my ship a little way in there, but I can't see inside. It's a mystery. I've nosed around the whole area and I haven't found any secret passages or anything like that. I did see a bit of a settlement up on the hill behind Shark Mountain. They even have their own windmill, but it isn't running. And that's all I've found. So far.

So I've completed the quests for Shark Mountain and Whitebeard's Palace, and I've brought down the tentacle barrier and can see Luca or some other kind of giant turtle-like sea monster sitting in her cove. I can't fight her; "Coming Soon". And then the quests to take down the tentacle barriers to get to that glowing mountain of fire. "Coming Soon". Be patient.

So the conspiracy continues. I think Lusca Cult is a spell. Perhaps an illusion. The settlements in the Artic aren't settlements. Are they illusions too? Are they secretly in league with Lusca? Does Whitebeard really exist? ( Yes Virginia ) Maybe the whole Artic is just a dream. But I do wish I could have some holiday lights for my ship and some eggnog for crew morale.

Tell us your ideas on this!
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Re: can you solve the Lusca conspiracy?

Post by Nann » Sat Mar 21, 2020 5:49 am


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