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What do you miss most from earlier versions of SoBAoP?

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:12 pm
by Drew458
This is your chance to sound off. I'm not talking about bugs, or whether you think you got stung by doing the 2.6 upgrade.

But there are a fair number of features that the old game had, release 2.5.10 and earlier, that the new game does not have. Yeah, I could run down the whole list, but I want to know what YOU miss.

If you haven't been playing SoB:AoP [ Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates ] for that long, I'll make another post about what you would like future versions to have.

I'll start you off with a general rant about the ships:

Once upon a time, every ship in the shipyard could take the custom skins you could win in Endless Mode. Now, not a single new ship can take them.

Once upon a time, every ship could raise or lower it's sails in battle, and you'd see the mains and the jibs open up or furl. I thought that was a great detail and I miss it.

Once upon a time, every ship could be renamed by the player. Not all ships have this ability these days.