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Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:05 am
by Zwiebel25
How does the Wharf now working? Do I have to pay again to get my shilds guns and sails? Its not good explained for nit speaking english people. I am level 712 with huge guns and shields but now one shot and iam almost sunk.

Re: Wharf

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:38 am
by Aeregon
What we did was basicly remove all the seperate sails, cannons and hull equipment and made it universal.
Previously every single equipment item was saved on its own. Cause some people to have save files that got extremely big. Some people had thousands and thousands of equipment item.

So what we did was this:
1. Calculate for each equipment item what it was worth in gold. (2.5 value)
2. Converted that old gold value to the new value (x20).
3. Give the player Upgrade Material equal to the value of an upgrade material with the value of 1.

The bronze upgrade material is worth 1 xp in any upgradable item (cannons, sails, hull and first mates). The silver is 30, gold is 100 and red is 250.
Its like real money. $1 is $1 and $100 = 100x $1.

Now we just have to save for each upgrade type (4 in total) the amount you have. So thats a total of 8 numbers we have to save now. Before we had to save the tier, level and rarity (for every item you had, which could be millions).

TLDR: See the Upgrade materials as xp containers for items, with a value of 1, 30, 100 and 250. If you have enough to fill the bar, your item increases in tier.