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How about a better Traveling Merchant?

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:22 pm
by Drew458
Once upon a time, back in the 2.2 era, the Traveling Merchant was a key aspect to the game. He was pretty much the only place to get upgrade chests and Premium Spins in quantity for gold. Not only that, but he sold ammo at a significant discount, and had infinite amounts of everything. It was one of the few places we could spend all the gold we earned, and one of two key sources for upgrading your ships.

Back in those days the Premium Spin was a gem delivery system, awarding 500 gems left and right. Both Daily Spin and Premium Spin grew with the game levels, awarding greater prizes as the levels increased. It was awesome.

Times change. Game philosophies change. All three of these features seem to nearly have been forgotten about.

Today's Traveling Merchant is pretty much an anachronism. He shows up for 5 hours or so every couple of days, but he has so little stock that his entire supply of everything can be bought out in under 2 minutes.

It's pretty sad, really. He has just 1 chest of each type to sell. He has just 3 loads of each type of ammo to sell, and his price is the same as what the Tier 5 Blacksmith charges. There is no discount at all. He has 1 Premium Spin. One. And the Premium Spins are a sad shadow of what they once were. He has just 3 Daily Spins for sale, even though the Daily Spin lets us watch ads to get about 7 free spins per day. That too is a pale shadow of the past, when a player could collect hundreds of Daily Spins if they had the patience, and build up a nice pile of gold.

How about letting our old friend the Traveling Merchant have a bit more inventory to sell? And how about letting him sell at least some stuff for a nice discount ... as I think one of the splash messages still says when the game starts up. Cut the price of his ammo in half, and at least double the amount he stocks. 25 Premium Spins, not 1. 30 Daily Spins, not 3. 10 chests of each type, not 1.

The TM is not central to the game any longer, but it is a fun little part. As are the Spins. Make them all more generous and you make the game more fun. In the long run it doesn't have any real impact, because it's much harder to accumulate upgrade cards than it is to accumulate gold. And 1000 gems for a single Legendary chest means that even a mountain of gems isn't going to buy me a whole upgrade all by itself. So I gather up half a billion in gold and have no real way to spend it.