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Some bugs I’ve found.

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:05 pm
by Rune
Let me start off by saying hi, saw the forum and like new small community games, decided to join. Might stick around for a bit, game is fun and has a TON of potential, as far as I can see you’re only one person so I understand delays. Really fun and I left a 5 star review.

Bug #1 found this a few hours ago, went to upgrade the tavern and after hitting the upgrade button the sound effect played but it didn’t upgrade, I hit it two more times, I guess it lagged or something and wasn’t working. I exited the upgrade menu and went back to it, and it had taken 3 sets of resources to upgrade it and didn’t upgrade.
#2 in headquarters daily quests there’s a quest for killing 14 pirate ships and it rewards me about 1100 gold, when I finished the quest and claimed the reward, it stayed completed and I could accept the completed quest multiple times and immediately just claim the gold, and repeat for infinite gold.

Re: Some bugs I’ve found.

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:09 am
by Rune
Another infinite money bug, or issue rather. I’m level 73, the smallest amount of gold on my daily spin wheel I can win is 370 gold, and when the merchant comes around he sells 3 free spins for 1k gold, and every 3 rolls I would make minimum 1210 gold, and can just keep buying spins and rolling over and over (obviously getting a few sets of a couple thousand gold in one spin) so you could continue forever until the merchant leaves.

Re: Some bugs I’ve found.

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:28 pm
by Drew458
Rune, are you playing the older 2.5.0 version, or the newer 2.6 version? This is important, please respond! (the new version uses upgrade stars for ship and first mates, they come in chests. the old version has gold, cargo, cannons etc in the chests)

I will pass on your problem with the tavern upgrade. You have to have all the cargo in your warehouse for the upgrade to work, and you also have to have the special item to upgrade to Tier 5. I think there is a little check mark under each cargo item when you have enough, or a full green bar, or a "26/26" text. I am not sure if you can press the Upgrade button until you have all the stuff, but this sounds like you did, and also had all the cargo. Once you have initiated the upgrade there is a waiting period, a few minutes to a few hours depending on which Tier you're going for, which you can bypass by paying some gems or watching some ads. What Tier were you trying to upgrade to? If you are still at that Tier, can you try again and take a before and after screen shot and post them here (reduce the size to 800X600 .jpg for easy posting). Thanks.

Your issue #2 is NOT a bug. Headquarters quests are repeatable. You can do up to 4 of the same quest per sailing trip. This is what I call the "money pump" and it is the greatest hidden feature in the game. In the older versions I made hundreds of millions of gold with this. These trades do not build Affinity however. In the 2.6 version the coding is different, so try to accept and claim these quests slowly. It has been found that rapid tapping to accept 4 quests in half a second can upset the program, and the same thing goes for when you get to a settlement and claim those trades. "upset" doesn't hurt anything, but it can lock the game up and you'll have to restart the game or reboot your device. This is an old issue for 2.6, and I do not know if it has been cured. So go a little slow, and you should be fine. But keep doing them, and you can make a lot of gold.

Your issue #3 about the Daily Spins and the Traveling Merchant make me think you are playing version 2.5.0. This is also NOT a bug, but another way to make lots of money. In the current version, the Traveling Merchant only has a few Spins for sale. Same thing applies to the Free Spin at the wheel: in 2.5.0 you can stay there all day, watching ads and accumulating hundreds of free spins. In 2.6 you get 5 free spins per day I think. Not many. In 2.5.0 the amounts on the wheel grow as the game progresses and there is no upper limit. This does not happen in 2.6, nor does the 2.6 wheel have a "2 free spins" slot. But yeah, in 2.5 the wheel was another way to make lots of gold and get lots of chests and gems.

While it is fun to make lots of gold, once you have about 2 million in 2.5.0 you are set pretty well. Gold has very little value in 2.6, so you need a billion to be comfortably rich.