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Suggestions on improving the game

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 12:37 am
by Blackadder
Hi all!
After playing the game a week I have reached level 116. Game version is 2.6.12. I would like to congratulate the developers for making a very enjoyable game, which I believe is very promising and has a great potential. Nevertheless, I would like to mention a thing or two that might make the game better.

When it comes to bugs, the only apparent one I've found is when you try to buy or sell stuff at a settlement, if you press the I<< button (after pressing > or >>I), the cost becomes negative and you can't fix it, you have to leave the tavern tab and go back at it again. Well, that's a very insignificant bug though :)
Another thing I noticed is that a chainshot not only immobilizes the enemy ship, but stuns it too, meaning that it won't fire at you even if you are in her broadside. Which means you can defeat any ship even with your weakest ship, the gunboat.

Some suggestions regarding the cove buildings.
Atelier: Add different bonuses to some sails or flags, eg. more xp, more gold, more speed etc. You can also mix bonuses or add negative factors to them to create combinations, eg. plus dmg, minus hp or plus speed, minus hp etc.
Tavern: Crew as it is now affects the gold and xp you gain after a battle (no crew 90% gold & xp, full crew 120% gold & xp)
Suggestion: crew increases rate of fire/hp, decreases speed, cargo capacity (lets not forget, the 2000 crew "The Hangman" can carry weight about 2000*75kg = 150 tons!... that's about 110 normal cars! xD)
Blacksmith: Currently you can only buy special ammo there.
Suggestion: 1) gets the ship upgrades from the shipyard
2) special weapons cost less gold but demand resources to be made, eg iron, lumber
3) upgrading ships require resources too, eg. rope, lumber, cloth, iron, tar, steel etc, maybe decrease cost of gold or upgrade points
Warehouse: unlimited stockpile space
Shipyard: The ships currently available are quite well-balanced (in my opinion always). A player can select a ship according to his style of play, choosing dmg over hp or the other way around, or maybe a ship decent all-around.
Suggestion: introduce Trade class ships (cog, hulk), with weak armament and health pool but great cargo capacity and decent speed, in order to make trading with other settlements easier.

A few suggestions regarding the battles.
Sometimes when you try to move the screen around the ship you may accidentally zoom in or out. Losing time to fix the camera zoom may prove fatal, as it may allow your enemies to close in upon you and destroy you. I suggest you remove zooming in or out using your thumbs and replace it with either two small buttons + and - on the screen, either give the player the option to have a fixed zoom during the battle, a one that he can set in the game settings.
Replace bribe with white flag button; enemy ship steals cargo and gold and leaves you unharmed.

Overall speaking, I believe the most important thing is to make the game ever-challenging for the player by creating and rotating different events and new missions and quests. At level 116 I have already beaten everything there is to beat regarding quests and I would hate to say that the game is essentially over and has no more to offer. This game is highly rated among some reviews I've read and I will state again that it seems to me that it has a huge potential to become something really, really great. Seems like you have already put a great effort in creating the game as it is now and if you keep up the good work it will eventually become wonderful!

Sorry for the long post, hope it will prove usefull a bit.

Kind regards,

Re: Suggestions on improving the game

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 2:29 pm
by Drew458
These are great suggestions!

The warehouse grows when you upgrade it. It also grows as you level up, and so does the hold space on your ship. There is no upper limit; at level 8200 my warehouse can hold >40,000 of anything. At level 535 my warehouse holds 3920 of each, which is still a lot more than the old 1250 it used to be.

Most of the bigger ships have 18 holds, so they can carry a lot of cargo. Most of the trades are actually fairly small in volume. as trading has been de-emphasized in the last few releases.

I would also like to see a better way to deal with the zoom. In combat, it always starts in "3D" maximum zoom view from the crow's nest. I would like to have a real bird's eye view setting, and I would like to be able to set my preference. The same thing goes with the map. I have no need for starting every sailing in max zoom mode; on a tablet this is silly.

Surrendering? Arrgh, you be a pirate, not a prelate! But it's better than getting killed ... oh wait, it isn't, as you have infinite lives, and you can repair your ship and keep your cargo by watching videos, so you don't have to pay. So just die. Why surrender?

Infinite missions would be awesome. Do all the Main and Side quests and new ones appear. Complete ALL the governor quests, get a reward, and then new ones appear AND the factions change alliances.

Re: Suggestions on improving the game

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 2:37 pm
by Drew458
And thanks for the bug report about the Settlement Markets. Pity the "sale" doesn't go through; you could make a fortune this way! :lol:

I will pass this on to the programmers.