Alpha Players Registration

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Alpha Players Registration

Post by Aeregon » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:48 pm

Hello pirates,

As we are updating the game quite frequently to remove bugs and balance our reworks of the game, we are in need of players would would like to help us out.
Because of this, we are opening our Alpha Testers group to new players.

As an Alpha Player we ask you the following:
- Test the new or changed features in our Alpha build.
- Report your results (good and bad ones) in this Alpha Patch Notes thread.
- Able to test the same thing a lot of times ;)

As an Alpha Player you will receive the following:
- Access to our Alpha builds, containing all the content not available to the public yet.
- Extra rewards that can help you test new content if you need them.
- Able to reply in the patch notes thread.
- Able to influence the game by providing intel.
- A shiny name color on the forums to show others you are helping the developers to make the game fun!

If you want to join the Alpha Players, please follow the steps below:
1. Make sure your forum email is the same as your google play store email.
2. Go to your 'User Control Panel' on the forum.
3. Click the tab 'Usergroups'.
4. Select the 'Alpha Players' and click on sumbit.
5. Wait till you get aproved, we might contact you first.
Don't judge me! I am trying my best.
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