Settlement Quest balancing?

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Settlement Quest balancing?

Post by Drew458 » Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:35 pm

One gripe I have had with this game from the beginning is that the settlement quests quickly become saturated with battle missions. Once you have played past the first few dozen levels, the number of conflicts required to win the reward grows not just past the level that will start a war, but to a level that is just silly. ( see me being diplomatic? ) When I was playing 2.5.0, up in the crazy high levels, I often saw battle missions like "destroy 3184 Spanish ships". And those missions count each conflict as 1 ship, with 1 to 4 ships in each conflict. ( Governor quest "destroy 15 ships" missions count individual ships ).

Anyway, I remember the "reward side" attempts to put a reward cap of 9000 units of cargo on the missions in 2.5, and that didn't work too well. My first suggestion is to put a cap on the "challenge side" that limits the required number of ships to about 10, regardless of game level. Let's try and keep it possible, and not sail off into silly land.

But my real suggestion is to balance the ratio of battle and delivery quests at settlements, perhaps with a slight weighting in favor of deliveries. 4 out of 6? Even 3 out of 6 would be better than every damn settlement being nothing but battle quests hour after hour.

I've observed that the number of quests at a settlement is directly related to the Affinity. I've observed that the quests are not refreshed until after I've sailed back to the Cove, or restarted the game. I've observed that I can collect battle quests, go back to Cove, leave Cove, dump those quests, and sometimes find new delivery quests at those settlements. Sometimes it's just more battle quests. Wastes a whole lot of time. Restarting the game, rebooting my device can work too, but is also a hassle.

Yes, it's a PIRATE game. And that means a lot of battles. But to get ahead financially the player also needs to do a lot of trading. Which means keeping the Affinity up enough so that trade missions (delivery quests) are out there. So can something be done? Otherwise the only ways to raise money is to "double tap" the Lusca ships - contact one, try for the bonus loot, find it doesn't work, let that ship go, then contact them again and get the bonus loot to work this time - fight them then gather up all the Tier 5 cargo you can get, to sell at the Cove Market. Doing the "Grocery run" when you have great overall Affinity is another way; load up your ship with cargo and go around the world twice to every settlement and sell them stuff. Sure, the "money pump" at HQ still works in 2.6.n, but it is very small compared to what existed in 2.5.

So that's my suggestion: at least half the settlement quests are always delivery quests, and the battle quests stay below the "automatic war" threshold.
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Re: Settlement Quest balancing?

Post by Aeregon » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:22 am

I agree with averything you say.
I think the quest system needs a big overhaul. It is very old code and isnt easy modifiable.

But making a new quest system is gonna take time.
I am gonna try to make some small changes here and there.
Lets see where it goes.
Don't judge me! I am trying my best.
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