exploit this bug to open chests faster

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exploit this bug to open chests faster

Post by Drew458 » Sat Nov 23, 2019 1:34 pm

Once you have a queue full of chests, here's how to open them faster without having to watch quite so many ads.

Select one of the chests on the left side of the queue and set the timer going. Now select the chest to the right of that and watch an ad. When the ad completes, the chest on the right is ready to open, but opening it causes the chest on the timer to switch to Ready mode, so you can open that too. Ta-da, one less ad to watch and you don't have to wait the whole hour for the timer.

This method will allow you to open all 4 chests in your queue with watching just one ad. Set a chest to timer, watch an add for another chest. When you open the ad chest, it sets the timer chest to Ready. Start the timer on another chest.Open the ready chest; this sets the new timer chest to ready. Set the timer on the 4th chest, open the ready chest. This sets the last chest to ready, so open it. 4 chests, 1 ad. Not bad!

Should you be so fortunate as to get a Rare chest awarded in battle, open it immediately. This will only take watching 1 add. If you instead Claim that Rare, opening it later will take watching 4 ads or waiting 4 hours. Sadly, the latest version I got in Beta Test does not seem to award Rares from battle. Boo hiss, but what can you do?
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