Quests explained

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Quests explained

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  • What are all these quests and mission types about?

    There are four mission types: delivery missions, battle missions, convoy missions and discovery missions.
    • Deliveries require you to deliver resources to another settlement.
    • For battles you have to destroy a certain amount of ships of a specific faction.
    • Convoy means you have to escort another ship to safety.
    • Discovery missions require you to explore a map.
    • In Rescue missions you have to find lost cargo and shipwrecks.
    A quest can be either of these types of missions, and can also consist of several missions. For instance, another settlement’s governor can ask you to either battle one fleet of ships for him or escort one of theirs, having to endure multiple battle missions.

    Quests that reward you a treasure are usually discovery missions and main quests often involve some kind of combat.

    The differences between these quest types is mostly the storyline they follow and the type/amount of rewards you get for them.

  • What are the different types of Quests?
    There are normal quests, governor quests, daily quests, treasure quests, main quests and side quests. Each of these quests have their own collection of missions and rewards. You can find detailed descriptions of each of these quest types in this guide.

  • What is a Main Quest and where do I accept them?
    Main quests tell the main storyline of the game, concerning Blackbeard the pirate. The main quests drop down menu in your quest log will tell you if a main quest is available. To accept it, select the quest, then tap ‘Accept quest’. Each main quest requires you to be a certain level due to their difficulty.

  • What is a Treasure Quest and how do I engage in one?
    Treasure quests are a unique set of quests in that they are discovery missions that reward special items, such as boats or items needed for advancing buildings in the Cove to the highest tier.

    You find treasure maps by completing side quests. These maps can be viewed in the treasure map panel, the uppermost button on the chain on the left side of the screen. Each treasure map represents a different part of the world map. Each piece has marked the location of a treasure discovery mission. To engage in one of these missions, simply scout the world map for the part you think is represented by the treasure map and sail there until you find it. When you’re close enough to the Mission Location, a beacon will appear to show you where to go.

    Starting such a discovery mission, you are presented with a drawing of the island in front of you. Find the part that is represented on the drawing to find the treasure. The bar at the top left indicates how close you are.
What is a schematic and how do I get the item it represents?
The last three treasure maps are schematics. Each represents a unique, legendary item you can upgrade your ship with. Once you have the schematic, it will be available to you at the Blacksmith in your Cove.

  • What is a Governor Quest and how do I engage in one?
    Governor quests include trading missions, battle missions and convoy missions. They are part of interesting storylines, you don’t want to miss out on those!

    To be able to accept the first governor quest at a settlement, you will need to have at least an unfriendly affinity with its faction. You can then accept the quests under the ‘Governor’ tab when they are indicated to be ‘available’. This can only be done at one and two star settlements.

    Accepting the third and fourth governor quest requires one higher level of affinity, accepting the last one requires the highest level of affinity.

  • What is a Normal Quest and how can I engage in one?
    Normal quests can be accepted at the Cove’s headquarters under ‘Daily Quests’ and at settlements’ taverns. They include trading and battle missions.

  • How do I stop Quests?
    To the lower left of a mission in your Quest Log is a small red X. Tap this button to abandon the quest and make room in your quest Log. You can only accept six quests at a time.